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Actiw LoadMatic® is a fully-automated loading system for regular, non-modified trucks and containers, when you transport either palletized or palletless industrial goods.


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Benefits of LoadMatic

Automating your product loading reduces the chance of accidents or damage.

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Streamline your supply chain

With LoadMatic, you get reliable loading slot times in advance and guaranteed loading times of 7 minutes or less. Rapid live loading of standard trailers or containers improves your outbound material flow.

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Improve work safety

When load handling involves manual work, there is a high risk to safety in each step. When you automate the process, you reduce that risk.

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Save on machinery investment and maintenance

LoadMatic significantly reduces your fixed asset costs, replacing a fleet of forklifts with one loading machine. Plus LoadMatic will last 20+ years, longer than any forklift.

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Boost eco-efficiency

LoadMatic generates additional savings by reducing energy consumption. It runs on electricity, eliminating harmful emissions. The total cost of energy is up to 60% less than electric forklifts.

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Save over 80% in labor and handling

Automation eliminates unnecessary work in load handling. Instead of a team of lift truck operators, one operator can run several LoadMatic units.

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Prevent handling damage

Eliminate damage to your products or vehicles during the loading process. A reliable automatic loading solution keeps your products intact and your end customers satisfied.

How can automated loading cut your costs?

An automated loading system can reduce truck and container loading times from half an hour to a matter of minutes. Immediate savings give you a fast return on your investment. Read more about how automated loading can benefit you today.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about LoadMatic

In our FAQ-page we have covered the most frequently asked questions about our LoadMatic solution. Hopefully our answers to the list of general, operational and technical questions will hold the in-depth inofrmation you seek. If not – feel free to contact us for further details!

Frequently asked questions

LoadMatic for your industry

LoadMatic can be seamlessly integrated into any production, warehouse or sequencing system. It loads both palletized and palletless goods such as petrochemicals, fertilizers, and cement products in bags, either with or without slipsheets.


Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemical Corporation

Three LoadMatics automated truck loading at Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemical Corporation in India. This turnkey solution included LoadForming solution to convey and depalletize products before loading.

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