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Do more with less with automatic loading

The demands for increasing volumes, product diversity, traceability and sustainability are challenging beverage producers. At the same time there is a demand for optimizing supply chain to be more dependable and safer. We at Actiw know how automating the outbound logistics helps you increase throughput, reduce costs and improve safety and sustainability in your loading processes.

Benefits for the beverage industry

  • Increase throughput – 3 trucks per hour with complex load patterns through one loading dock
  • Simplify your loading processes – pallet staging and loading as one step
  • Reduce truck turnaround times
  • Lower operating costs with automation
  • Minimize manual mistakes and product damages
  • Improve safety and eco-efficiency removing forklifts from the loading dock

Actiw solutions at work

Automate the loading of beverages

  • Suitable for palletised, slipsheet or palletless products
  • Capability to handle complex load patterns
  • Suited for different pallet types on the same load
  • Increases process traceability, each pallet can be tracked automatically
  • Applicable to the existing truck fleet, no modification needed
  • Integrates to any upstream warehouse automation (ASRS, FLT, AGVs, etc.)
  • Easy plug and play integration to existing WMS and ERP systems

Coca-Cola Enterprises Norge AS

Actiw automated company’s production warehouse for maximized utilization of existing warehouse space with high handling capacity. Automated warehouse solution buffer, sort, and stage palletized loads in exact sequence for truckloads.

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