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Automation improves throughput of outbound logististics

As an outsourced service, third-party logistics (3PL) companies need to provide innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness and service and reduce costs for their customers, while increasing safety and flexibility in their operations. Actiw offers loading automation and a digital dispatch control allowing agility for 3PL companies to adapt to changing demands and conditions.

Benefits for 3PL’s

  • Increase flexibility of loading without limiting variation in pallet sizes
  • Improve work safety with automated loading processes
  • Achieve over 80% savings in labor and handling costs
  • Reduce product loss eliminating spoiled, contaminated or damaged products
  • Save in machinery investments replacing a fleet of forklifts that are used in loading operations
  • Enhance ecoefficiency – the total cost of energy with electric LoadMatic is up to 60% less compared to electric forklifts

Actiw solutions at work

Automate the loading processes

  • Suitable for palletized or palletless products
  • Applicable for using third party non-modified trucks, trailers or containers
  • No need for alterations to the cargo space or substructures beneath the cargo
  • Decreases truck loading and dock turn times

Increasing efficiency in loading processes

Get to know customers who have used our automated loading solutions to improve the safety and productivity of their outbound logistics.

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