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Simple loading for complex cargo

Complex cargo can be anything from long and heavy products to delicate machinery which can be loaded into containers or trailers. With Actiw LoadPlate, our customers have been able to optimize the package dimensions as there are less loading constraints.

Benefits for complex cargo industry

  • Eliminate product damages during loading with the controlled loading process
  • Speed up turnaround time for the containers and trailers
  • Increase safety in product handling and lashing outside the container
  • Prevent accidents during loading – no personnel inside the container
  • Enhance container handling – the container can be loaded directly on chassis

Actiw solutions at work

Automate the loading of complex cargo

  • Loading 40 ft container in 5 minutes
  • Suited for almost any type of cargo which is stable to load: boxes, long and heavy profiles, insulation panels etc.
  • Loading for standard, non-modified trucks, trailers or containers
  • No need for alterations to the cargo space or substructures beneath the cargo
  • Flexibility in product arrangement inside the container for optimal weight distribution
  • Possible to switch from open-top containers to standard box containers


Customer Case – Italy

Improving loading operations by moving container loading in-house and creating more freedom in machinery design with better container space utilization. Ask our experts or sales more of the case.

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