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Improve flexibility and safety of cargo loading

Ports are dynamic working environments that set special requirements in loading operations. Automated loading at container ports increases both safety and productivity of cargo loading. Actiw LoadPlate offers a flexible solution for loading different cargo and different container sizes while using fewer resources in the loading operations.

Benefits for port industry

  • Eliminate product damages during loading with controlled loading process
  • Speed up turnaround time for the containers
  • Enhance container handling – the container can be loaded directly on chassis or container stand
  • Optimize your operations by decreasing 50% of equipment and personnel required for loading

Actiw solutions at work

Automate the loading of cargo in ports

  • Loading 40ft container in 5 minutes
  • Suitable for 20ft / 40ft / 45ft and 53ft containers
  • Suited for palletized or palletless products
  • Applicable for standard, non-modified trucks, trailers or containers
  • Integrates seamlessly with any outgoing material streams, like production lines or automated warehouses
  • No need for alterations to the cargo space or substructures beneath the cargo


Customer Case – Finland

Successful project in demanding port environment, where customer was able to cut the container loading time down to 10-15min while reducing labor and forklifts involved 50%. Ask our experts or sales more of the case.

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