Automated loading solutions for forest industries

Automation improves your loading operations

The loading of lumber products usually requires two forklifts and an additional operator on the ground. With Actiw LoadPlate you manage to load with one forklift operator. Actiw LoadPlate was originally developed based on feedback from our lumber customers, and the industry is still one of our key segments. Automated loading in forest industry optimizes the loading processes giving significant benefits.

Benefits for forest industries

  • Eliminate product damages with automated loading
  • Decrease operation costs – only one operator required to load a container
  • Optimize your loading process – easy load preparation before container is at the plant
  • Maximize fill rate – measured fill rate increase 5,9 %
  • Increase work safety by reducing heavy forklifts

Actiw solutions at work

Automate the loading of forestry products

  • Suitable for different product types, such as graded lumber, LVL, CLT, plywood, glulam etc
  • Designs for 20ft / 40ft / 45ft and 53ft containers and trailers
  • No alterations to the cargo space or substructures beneath the cargo
  • Containers can be loaded directly on chassis
  • The current customer record is loading 42 containers in 10 hours shift with one LoadPlate
  • Easy and fast installation, only electrical connection is required


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Read how the customer was able to reduce the operational costs, relieve the time-stress from the employees as well as improve safety and decrease the chance of product damage. Ask our experts or sales more of the case.

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