Actiw Showroom – Explore our solutions in virtual loading environments

We have released Actiw Virtual Showroom, which allows our customers to learn more about the company’s well-known LoadPlate® and LoadMatic® brands as well configure solutions based on product, industry, environment and loading rate. You can explore the Showroom by yourself or interact with our sales personnel in real time.

What is Actiw Showroom?

Actiw Virtual Showroom is a solution which allows customers to explore an automated loading environment with our products and solutions in a new, immersive way. Simply put, a virtual loading environment models the loading from production or warehouse to the outbound transportation of industrial goods. With a virtual showroom, we can present our potential buyers interactive features such as 360-degree interior and exterior views, the ability to customize solutions, and learn more about product features and operational benefits.

What can you do in Actiw Showroom?

Virtual showroom gives you a sense of our automated loading process and how it works with different products within existing or proposed operational environments and layouts.

In short, customers can

  • move around the virtual space
  • discover product descriptions and characteristics
  • ‘try on’ different products and solutions.
Benefits of Actiw Showroom

The Showroom provides you with the possibility to experiment and visualize the automated loading process before making the decision of a major project in your company. The benefits of Actiw Showroom:

  • make people interact with our products and sales in a new way
  • present our products basically anywhere
  • explain information in an engaging way
  • provide easy access to our product range
  • make the virtual showroom and products accessible 24/7.

In the future, animations and videos will be added to the Actiw Showroom.