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Frequently asked questions

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Actiw’s automatic truck loading system consists of two main solutions; LoadMatic® and LoadPlate®.

LoadMatic is the last link in the end-to-end solution for fully automated pallet handling at the production unit or in the warehouse.

  • LoadMatic is an equipment with a roller bed onto which pallets are rolled straight from a packaging line.
  • When a full container or truck load is ready, sequenced and transferred, LoadMatic simply loads the cargo into the container or truck in one push.
  • No alteration is required to the load space or substructures beneath the goods.
  • LoadMatic is seamlessly integrated to production lines or automated warehouse systems.
  • It is the most efficient solution for loading palletized and palletless goods on the market.

We have further developed an automated load sequencer system. The system can contain from 10 to 30 or more truck loads held in a high-density, high-throughput buffer for immediate dispatch to one or more LoadMatic systems.

Our LoadPlate is a one-shot loading solution especially suitable for loading complex cargo that is hard to containerize, is easily damaged or usually requires special shipping units, like:

  • machinery
  • long and heavy steel and lumber products
  • panels and
  • project goods.

With LoadPlate, load forming is typically handled manually or by forklifts or cranes. The load can be prepared safely in open air and loaded in one push. When loaded with unloading accessories, unloading can easily be performed in one pull.

We have made automated loading as easy as it should be. LoadMatic and LoadPlate systems are designed for regular, non-modified cargo space such as containers and trailers.

  • Containers or trailers require no alterations, or special equipment at the receiving end.
  • Both designs handle a wide range of various goods. The equipment can load bagged products on slip sheets, such as cement, gypsum, sugar, plastic granules, fertilizers, etc.
  • The ever-widening variety of products loadable by our equipment enhances customers’ operational excellence and competitive advantage in their logistics operations.
  • Fast loading cycle (<5 minutes)
  • Reduced energy and CO2 emissions
  • Our equipment is durable and reliable with proven technology.
  • The systems are easy to move and relocate.
  • Payback time is calculated in months, rather than years.

Actiw’s solutions have fundamental appeal through being product and truck neutral, requiring no alterations. This makes, to my mind, Actiw the clear market leader!”

Customer Quote

"Actiw has helped us a lot with our automation. They've not only sold us machines, but they've also taught us best practices."

Rex Kurian, Reliance Industries Limited

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